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Walsh Whiskey Distillery

The Irishman Irish Whiskey Cask Strength (750ml)

The Irishman Irish Whiskey Cask Strength (750ml)

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The Last Drop 1965 Blend 48 year old Originally blended, then recasked into fresh bourbon wood three decades ago, the nose of ripened peaches, cooked pear, pecan nuts, menthol, clove, and vanilla make for a compelling combination. A surprising lift of red summer fruits as this bright whisky sashays around the mouth, the complexity measured out in installments; plum sauce, toasted oak, coffee bean, gingersnaps, clove, licorice, and hints of savory juices. It dances on and on with the whirling wood spices in no hurry whatsoever. (592 bottles) (Summer 2015) Reviewed by: Jonny McCormick Color - Light Caramel Bouquet - A wonderful combination of soft bourbon notes, hints of malt and a touch of ginger Taste - Very lightly malted with a rich mouth feel. Notes of drier oak balanced by hints of perfect bitter sweetness. Long with notes of chocolate and spices. Rich and sophisticated

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