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Hercules Mulligan

Hercules Mulligan Rum & Rye

Hercules Mulligan Rum & Rye

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Hercules Mulligan Rum & Rye pays homage to an intriguing chapter of American history, drawing inspiration from the exploits of an Irish-born tailor-spy during the American Revolution. This unique spirit skillfully blends American Rye whiskeys with aged Caribbean Rum, creating a harmonious fusion that reflects the adventurous spirit of its namesake. Originating from the heart of New York, the infusion of fresh, organic ginger adds a distinctive twist, enhancing the overall flavor profile with a nod to craftsmanship and quality ingredients. 

The nose of Hercules Mulligan Rum & Rye beckons with the alluring fragrance of aged Caribbean Rum, setting the stage for a sensory journey. The palate unfolds with the robust character of American Rye whiskeys, delivering a rich and well-balanced experience. Infused with macerated organic ginger, this spirit introduces a subtle spicy note that adds depth to its overall taste. The careful blend of bitters further enhances the complexity, creating a layered and satisfying drinking experience that captures the essence of both history and craftsmanship.

Hercules Mulligan Rum & Rye stands as a testament to the meticulous blending of premium ingredients. Bottled at 43% alcohol by volume, this exceptional concoction invites enthusiasts to savor its complexity whether enjoyed chilled, over ice, or as the star of a creative cocktail. This spirit encapsulates the spirit of adventure, paying tribute to a historical figure while offering a contemporary and exceptional drinking experience.

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