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Hayman's Sloe Gin

Hayman's Sloe Gin

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Hayman's Sloe Gin, hailing from England, is a delightful expression of traditional craftsmanship and botanical infusion. Renowned for its rich ruby hue and smooth, balanced flavor profile, this gin encapsulates the essence of the English countryside. Its taste is a harmonious blend of sweet and tart notes, with a distinct fruity character derived from ripe sloe berries.

The nose of Hayman's Sloe Gin is a tantalizing bouquet of ripe berries, accented by hints of almond and spice. Crafted using a time-honored recipe, this gin features a careful selection of sloe berries, steeped in premium gin and balanced with just the right amount of sugar. With an alcohol content of 26%, it offers a warming sensation with each sip.

Best enjoyed neat or as a key ingredient in classic cocktails like the Sloe Gin Fizz or the Sloe Gin Martini, Hayman's Sloe Gin is a versatile spirit suitable for any occasion. Whether sipped leisurely on its own or mixed into a refreshing cocktail, it promises a delightful drinking experience that captures the essence of English tradition and craftsmanship.

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