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John Emerald Distilling

Gene’s Spiced Rum (750mL)

Gene’s Spiced Rum (750mL)

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Alabama has a rich history with sugar cane farming but an all but non-existent history with rum production. John Emerald Distilling has created the first rum produced in Alabama since prohibition (and possibly ever). Since there are no sugar refineries in Alabama the varieties of cane grown in Alabama are specifically cultivated for their rich flavor and are traditionally used to create syrup or used as "chewing" cane. These varieties of cane along with sugars imported from the Mauritius Island allow JED to create a deep and flavorful rum.

Named for Gene Snodgrass, Jimmy's maternal grandfather, this rum is a crowd favorite much like Gene himself. Gene's Spiced Rum is distilled in a hybrid pot still. The spirit is then aged in tanks after adding Cinnamon, Vanilla, Pecans and Anise. It is excellent served neat as an aperitif ­and works great with holiday cocktails and Rum punch. For an excellent summer cocktail we recommend "The Porch Swing" : Gene's Spiced Rum and Lemonade garnished with a bruised basil leaf.

Tasting Notes:

Color - Dark copper with a slight haze (due to natural spices)
Nose - Sweet vanilla, anise, nuts with a hint of orange peel
Palate - Cinnamon on the front with a earthy foundation
Finish - All spice and slight notes of oak tannins

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