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Frey Ranch

Frey Ranch Bourbon 'Private Selection' Signed By Head Distiller

Frey Ranch Bourbon 'Private Selection' Signed By Head Distiller

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Frey Ranch out of Fallon, Nevada is a family-owned and operated distillery producing Bourbon, Rye, and other experimental whiskies.

This small but mighty brand has been winning over the palates of Bourbon drinkers across the country for a few years now. Distillery Co-founder Colby Frey is a fifth-generation farmer, whose family have been running the Frey Ranch for over 165 years.

In 2006 Colby and his wife Ashley started Frey Ranch distillery, and in 2015 they distilled their first batch of Bourbon which was released in 2020. Frey Ranch’s four-grain Bourbon is 100% Grain-to-glass.

The mashbill is 66.6% non-GMO corn, 12% two-row barley (malted onsite), 11.4% winter rye, and 10% soft winter wheat. ShopBourbon is excited to partner with Frey Ranch to bring you this delicious single-barrel Bourbon bottled at Barrel Strength of 61.84% (123.68prf). And for all our dedicated Frey Fans out there, this is barrel #1578! Appearance: In glass this presents as a beautiful golden honey, with slight amber tones.

Nose: The nose opens with powerful notes of Gentian root, cacao, and Brazilian Churrascaria Sirloin Cap, followed by more mellow notes of vanilla, barrel char, and caramelized sugar (almost like a caramelized Flan). Lastly there are notes of fresh green chili and a touch of garlic.

Palate: This is like drinking a Hot Chocolate, but it’s butterscotch and is fantastic. Cinnamon, clove, star anise, and a hint of vanilla lead into a touch of green cardamom. On the back of the palate there is a delicious corn forward sweetness that is just the absolute perfect finish. In summation, if you like your Bourbon on the sweeter side then this is the perfect pick up for you!

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