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Coppercraft Distillery

Fox & Oden Straight Bourbon Whiskey (750mL)

Fox & Oden Straight Bourbon Whiskey (750mL)

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Fox & Oden whiskey is a tribute to the rugged bounty and natural beauty of the distillery's Michigan home.

Fox & Oden Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a blend of 8 to 15-year-old bourbons using 21% and 36% rye mashbills. The whiskey is curated from vintage stock at MGP in Indiana, hand selected and blended for perfect balance by the team at Copper Craft Distillery in Michigan, and bottled at peak maturity. Carefully crafted through every step of the process.

Fox & Oden Straight Bourbon Tasting Notes:

Aroma: butterscotch, fig, and nutmeg, lighter sweet notes of honey, caramel and chocolate, and other notes of pecan and stone fruit.

Palate: initially sweet with those prominent caramel notes, but rather quickly transitions to spicy, featuring black peppercorn. Once some of the spiciness fades, you’re left with a smoky, charred oak note and some bittersweet chocolate. Just before the finish it mellows out a bit and features that caramel sweetness again, along with some very nice baking spice notes.

Finish: medium in length, but continues on with a tinge of smoke, caramel and baking spice.


Bottle size:
Coppercraft Distillery
8 years old
Mash bill:
21% / 36% Rye
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