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Foursquare 'Crisma' Barbados Rum Cream Liqueur

Foursquare 'Crisma' Barbados Rum Cream Liqueur

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Foursquare's 'Crisma' Barbados Rum Cream Liqueur embodies the Caribbean's essence, originating from the island of Barbados. It's a luxurious blend of fine Barbadian rum with rich cream, offering a taste experience that's both indulgent and smooth. The palate delights in its creamy texture, balanced with the warmth of the rum, making it a delightful choice for sipping on its own or as a versatile ingredient in cocktails.

With a nose that exudes hints of tropical spices and caramelized sugar, 'Crisma' transports you to the sun-soaked shores of Barbados. Its carefully selected ingredients include premium Barbadian rum, cream, and a touch of sweetness, harmoniously combined to create a decadent liqueur. At a moderate alcohol content, it's perfect for leisurely sipping over ice or adding a touch of Caribbean flair to your favorite cocktails.

Indulge in the Caribbean's finest with Foursquare's 'Crisma' Barbados Rum Cream Liqueur. Whether enjoyed neat, over ice or as part of a cocktail creation, its velvety smoothness and authentic island flavors promise to elevate any drinking experience.

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