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Forty Creek

Forty Creek Confederate Oak Reserve Canadian Whisky (750ML)

Forty Creek Confederate Oak Reserve Canadian Whisky (750ML)

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Review by FWL Contributing Editor Uncle Knucklehead


Forty Creek Confederate Oak Reserve Canadian Whisky is produced by another master of his craft, John Hall. His Confederate Oak Reserve brings a rich, full-bodied triumph roaring down from the land of Tim Horton and year round hockey camps. Harvesting older Canadian oak trees near his distillery, some over 150 years (from around the time of the Canadian “Confederation” of 1867), Hall, a former wine maker, exploits a specific Canadian “terroir” that only these trees can bring to a barrel: slower growing trees that produce richer lignins and vanillans not normally found in the standard American oak. His skilled, balanced blending of separate corn, rye and barley distillations produces a spirit that is unctuous and oily without being treacly or sharp.

The result is a full bodied flavor, bright and big with undertones of fig and raisins, maple butter-cream, nuts and spice. It’s a winner and it will change your mind about what Canadian whisky can, and should be.

Tasting Notes:

Color: old gold

Aroma: is a big whisky beginning with a maple-raisin-vanilla-fig, layers of praline, banana, butter cream, honeyed nuts, marzipan, spice and orange blossoms. As it lingers, dark dried fruits and anise evolve.

Mouthfeel: full bodied

Palate: very rich entry; soft, round and dry. Full bodied with vanilla, butter cream and pepper spice which is nicely framed with oak, walnut and smoke.

Finish: long lingering with fading spice and white pepper.

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Forty Creek
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