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Driftless Glen Distillery

Driftless Glen Small Batch Straight Bourbon Whiskey (750mL)

Driftless Glen Small Batch Straight Bourbon Whiskey (750mL)

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Driftless Glen October 2021 Special Promotion:

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  To help raise funds to go directly towards local cancer research, Driftless Glen is turning their Small Batch Bourbon pink

A limited number of pink labels will be printed, and will be accompanied by pink bottle neckers (see image at right) that help raise awareness and money for the cause:

For every bottle sold, Driftless Glen Distillery and their sales team will donate $3 to a local research center. 

In addition, the necker has a QR code so you can support the cause and donate to the research center of your choice as well.

NOTE: the PINK Bottles will be shippoing in early October 2021

Driftless Glen Small Batch Straight Bourbon is the distillery's flagship spirit. Each small batch consist of about twenty barrels, hand-selected by Driftless Glen's distillers, and then blended together.

The whiskey is  bottled at 96 proof.

Balanced and full-bodied, this small batch of carefully selected barrels is non-chill filtered to preserve its subtle spice and notes of caramel and vanilla.

Driftless Glen Small Batch Straight Bourbon Tasting Notes:

Color:  a deep orange caramel

Aroma: pleasant and dark with notes of cherries, honey, caramel, and honey, followed by traces of corn and notes of fresh grape jam mixed with Winter spices.

Palate: light grapes and baking spice at the mid-palate followed by notes of pine.

Finish: sweet as well as spicy. It is not a very long finish, but the sweetness and uniqueness of the flavors makes up for the lack of length.

Bottle size:
Driftless Glen Distillery
Oak finish:
American oak barrels
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