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The Dalmore Distillery

Dalmore Reserve - The Cigar Malt Highland Single Malt (750mL)

Dalmore Reserve - The Cigar Malt Highland Single Malt (750mL)

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Formerly “Dalmore Cigar Malt,” this expression has been rebranded for a population which may not in fact smoke. Paterson doesn’t like the change, but the spirit inside is the same, a larger, oakier style that spends between 10 and 14 years in barrels, with more time in sherry butts. Take the 12 year and drop more wood character into it, giving it a bit of smoke, and some vanilla and cocoa, and you’ve got Gran Reserva. 

The Cigar Malt is a lip-smacking good whisky. Its a drier single malt Scotch, using a higher percentage of Olorosso sherry barrels in the aging. This chewy whisky is enjoyed more in the center of the tongue. The Cigar Malt presents a strong, malty character up front, and reveals a wealth of classic flavors that linger pleasantly on the tongue.

Single Malt
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The Dalmore Distillery
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