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Cutty Sark Scotch 25 Year Tam O' Shanter (750ml)

Cutty Sark Scotch 25 Year Tam O' Shanter (750ml)

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ColourRich, shadowy dark amber as if glistening from a subterranean Gothic fire. NoseDrifting incense held in the evening air, exotic spices, jasmine, anise and sandalwood dance and leap out of the glass - promising something Palate Full bodied, boisterous and sweet with a darkly sinister menace, rich velvet curtains surround dark chocolate, eucalyptus, cracked black pepper and drying mint whilst dancing with rich full sherry sweetness and toffee. Waves of flavour and texture envelop your tongue, powerfully tantalising and teasing your taste buds. Finish Lingering, long, rich, sweet yet spicy. Truly full-bodied whisky with which to face Auld Nick himself. A maleficent dram!

Blended Malt
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