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Copper Fiddle Distillery

Copper Fiddle Fyren Gin (750mL)

Copper Fiddle Fyren Gin (750mL)

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A new style of gin that will take the cocktail scene by storm, Fyren Gin (pron: Fire Engine) is the collaboration of the brain trust at the Copper Fiddle distillery to create something totally new to be experienced by lovers of spirits and spice the world over.

Gin, specifically Genever Dutch­style gin, already has a notable number of botanicals and general “softness” of flavor allowing it to be molded into a variety of both sweet and savory cocktails. The one missing element that could bring together both the savory and sweet is spice, as in hot spice. After much experimentation, Copper Fiddle selected the Serrano Pepper as their added botanical of choice, which when charred, roasted and gill cut by hand, provides the perfect balance of flavor and heat when combined with their Fiddle Gin. A single serrano pepper is added to each bottle while adjusting their original Fiddle Gin botanical recipe to better balance the heat.                                                      

Tasting Notes:

Soft and silky with a slight hint of cocoa and a unique spice and peppery finish.

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