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Cooperstown Distillery

Cooperstown Distillery BeanBall Bourbon (750mL)

Cooperstown Distillery BeanBall Bourbon (750mL)

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Review by FWL Contributing Editor Commander Glendidit

One taste will draw you in. Beanball’s hand-crafted blend of sourced Indiana bourbon and Cooperstown’s own small batch bourbon, made with local corn, rye, wheat, and oats is uniquely elevating, and even illuminating. One sip, and I was compelled into the archives of baseball history to find more synonyms for this bottled alchemy.

Beanball Bourbon displays truly admirable smoothness for firewater from the farms of New York State, perhaps the result of the distillery’s work with Carl Stahl GmbH, Germany’s oldest still fabricator. This wondrous percolator is built for the Autobahn of the tastebuds, allowing six-year-old, 90-proof Beanball to sip as smoothly as a Tinkers-to-Evers-to-Chance double-play turn.

Sip it, with its almost caramel-corn, oak-spiked flavor, and you can almost taste the essence of baseball, crackerjacks, hear the bat… the roar of the hometown crowd…

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Cooperstown Distillery
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