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Compass Box Hedonism Vatted Scotch Grain Whisky (750mL)

Compass Box Hedonism Vatted Scotch Grain Whisky (750mL)

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Hedonism is unusual in the Scotch whisky world: a 100% Scotch grain whisky. It is very rare to see 100% grain whisky bottling, even in Scotland. Going back 100 years, grain whisky brands were more common, but they were overtaken in popularity by the big brands of blended Scotch, which comprised both grain whisky and malt whisky. Today, most Scotch grain whisky gets blended into the big brand names, typically at young ages. For Hedonism, we search for very old casks of Scotch grain whiskies that are 13-28 years in age. And we only bottle Hedonism once or twice a year, when we find casks with the right flavor profile.

Throughout its existence, what has allowed Hedonism to maintain a consistency of excellence is our painstaking selection of specific grain whisky barrels in Scotland.  It has always been 100% first fill bourbon barrels from the various grain distilleries, using only 2-3 sourcings; the average age in each batch typically falls between 19-21 yrs, with a balance of youthful grain around 12-14 and older grain around 28-29.  Occasionally, if needed, a slight percentage of older grain may be used to bring it to be “Hedonism”.


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