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Castle & Key

Castle & Key 'Roots of Ruin' Gin

Castle & Key 'Roots of Ruin' Gin

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If you're seeking a gin experience that transcends the ordinary, Castle & Key's 'Roots of Ruin' Gin promises to captivate your palate. This acclaimed gin boasts a meticulously curated blend of eight botanicals, each contributing to a nuanced and multi-dimensional flavor profile. Notably, chamomile, ginger, and rosemary stand out, infusing the spirit with vibrant floral notes, spicy undertones, and a velvety, lingering finish.

Crafted atop a foundation of rye whiskey newmake, Castle & Key's 'Roots of Ruin' Gin achieves a distinctive complexity. Through meticulous vapor distillation in a copper column still, the botanicals interplay delicately, resulting in a refined and intricate spirit tailor-made for both mixing and savoring. Bottled at 106 proof, this gin amplifies the essence of its botanical blend, ensuring a robust and characterful drinking experience.

Inspired by the rich history of its Frankfort, Kentucky home, Castle & Key's 'Roots of Ruin' Gin pays homage to the legacy of Colonel E.H. Taylor and the distillery's remarkable restoration journey. The name itself, 'Roots of Ruin,' symbolizes the distillery's rebirth from adversity, celebrating the foundational roots of craftsmanship and innovation embedded within its heritage. Whether enjoyed neat, over ice, or in a cocktail, this gin promises to dazzle your senses with its intricate flavor profile. Indulge in a bottle today and experience the winning spirit firsthand.

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