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Caballito Cerrero

Caballito Cerrero Blanco 46 Chato Agave Spirit

Caballito Cerrero Blanco 46 Chato Agave Spirit

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Destilado de Agave produced in Amatitán, Jalisco. Maestro Tequilero Claudio Jimenez Hernandez. Steam cooked in a 150-year-old brick oven. Open fermented for 7 days in stainless steel. Distilled twice: first pass in a small stainless steel pot still, second pass on a larger copper pot still. Rested 45 days in steel before bottling.
Aromatics of black bean dip, roasted apple, candy corn, salted caramel, melted butter, and yam; the palate bursts with green herbs, sweet peppers, egg custard, coriander, and a hint of cinnamon and almond
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