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Brenne Ten Estate Cask Finished French Single Malt Whisky (750mL)

Brenne Ten Estate Cask Finished French Single Malt Whisky (750mL)

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Enjoy the perfect marriage of hand-picked barrels and French terroir with Brenne 10 Year Old Single Malt Whisky. Crafted from 100% organic heirloom estate-grown barley in Cognac, France and twice distilled in alembic Charente stills, it's the world's first single malt aged exclusively in a combination of French Limousin oak and Cognac casks. Offering a unique taste of sweet dried fruits and spicy pepper, with hints of dark chocolate, this limited edition whisky is worthy of the finest connoisseurs.

Brenne Ten Tasting Notes:

Color: Light straw gold – much lighter than Brenne Single Malt

Aroma: Curiously flat, with hints of peppermint, cranberry, agave, and green tea. It’s a very mild, soft nose, almost vodka-like.

Palate: Fiery and aromatic, with notes of pear, hay, honey, melon, and a slight mustiness reminiscent of porcini mushrooms or white truffle. Much like fruit brandy, this spirit is simultaneously rough and delicate, herbaceous and earthy.

Finish: Long and highly aromatic.

Single Malt
Bottle size:
10 years old
Mash bill:
100% Malted Barley
Oak finish:
French Cognac Casks
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