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Brenne Estate Cask French Single Malt Whisky (750mL)

Brenne Estate Cask French Single Malt Whisky (750mL)

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Brenne Estate Cask French Single Malt Whisky is produced by a third generation Cognac producer on a farm distillery in the heart of Cognac, France. The whisky is aged for an average of 7-8 years in a combination of virgin French Limousin oak barrels and used Cognac casks.

Brenne Whisky is crafted from seed to spirit in the heart of Cognac, France in very limited batches. Brenne Estate Cask has no age statement as every barrel is bottled in single barrel releases and the aging time on each cask may vary slightly.

  • AGED IN FRENCH OAK & COGNAC BARRELS  Brenne Whisky starts in new Limousin oak barrels before being finished in Cognac casks, giving it a hint of perfumed fruit that sets it apart from other whiskies.
  • SINGLE CASK BOTTLES Each bottle of Brenne Whisky comes from a single barrel selected at its peak.  We don’t blend barrels. Each barrel number is stamped on the back label.
  • COGNAC DISTILLING TECHNIQUE Using cool fermentation and small batch production, Brenne Whisky is twice distilled in copper alembic stills for a smooth finish.
  • NO AGE STATEMENT Because Brenne Estate Cask is bottled individually by barrel, the aging for each cask differs as it depends on how long the Cognac was in the barrel before. On average, the whisky ages for a total of about 7 years.


Single Malt
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100% Malted Barley
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French Cognac Casks
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