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Black Patch Distilling

Black Patch Rye (750mL)

Black Patch Rye (750mL)

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In 2007, during his son’s first combat deployment, Black Patch Distilling's master distiller Gary Cooper made his son’s favorite whiskey. Having been a fanatical brewer and distiller for over a decade, Gary spent the time his son was deployed to perfect a whiskey to his son’s standard. He named his company after the single black patch his son’s unit wore in combat. Unfortunately, his son lost his leg in combat and to honor his sacrifice Black Patch Distilling Company donates a portion of every bottle sold to veteran charities.

This  95% rye whiskey recipe is first aged for over two years in 53 gallon barrels. The distillery then finishes it in smaller barrels with a heavy char to bring out the complex spicy and smooth rye notes great for easy sippin’. This rye might be spicy, but not as spicy as your date after a Rye Manhattan made with this whiskey.

Bottle size:
Black Patch Distilling
2 years old
Years in finishing cask:
Mash bill:
95% Rye
Oak finish:
Charred American Oak
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