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Bhakta Spirits

BHAKTA 27-07 Brandy (750mL)

BHAKTA 27-07 Brandy (750mL)

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From the global cellars of BHAKTA Spirits comes one of the most innovative, unique flavor combinations in the world of drink—a union of two ancient French distilling traditions conceived by spirits visionary Raj Peter Bhakta. BHAKTA 27-07 is a deeply aged blend of Calvados and Armagnac crafted for the whiskey lover's palate—with the BHAKTA Method's signature Islay finish adding smokiness and power.

While the 27-07’s intended age statement—7 years at its youngest, and 27 at its oldest—already placed it among the oldest spirits widely available today, its creation was the result of a blending mishap at Chateau BHAKTA in Condom, France, which almost cost our Cellar Master, Giles, his job. . . based on the vintages actually used in the blend, the true age of 27-07 is 18 at its youngest, and 49 at its oldest. Since “The Frenchman’s Mistake” has robbed our cellar of some exceedingly old brandy, 27-07 will never be produced again—making it a legitimate collector’s item.

BHAKTA 27-07 Tasting Notes: 

Color: Deep amber-orange
Aroma: Apple, cinnamon, floral notes
Palate: Pear, apple, nutmeg, cinnamon
Finish: Cigar, peat, mineral
Bottle size:
18- 49 years old
Mash bill:
Calvados & Armagnac Blend
Oak finish:
Islay Cask Finish
Bhakta Spirits
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