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Bhakta Spirits

BHAKTA 1928 Rye Whiskey (750mL)

BHAKTA 1928 Rye Whiskey (750mL)

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Taste 100 Years, bold Rye whiskey fortified with Ancient Armagnac — BHAKTA 1928 embodies the spirit of the Roaring Twenties—boom times, boundless optimism, and big American dreams.

Named “1928” for the oldest vintage in the blend, it also contains 1941, 1962, 1973 & 1996, fusing ancient French Armagnacs and Calvados to perfect this straight rye whiskey.

Character and smoothness united...The 2018 Rye, double cask finished in Virgin French oak, provides the spice. Ancient Calvados and Armagnac deliver rich notes of fruit and cream.

In this breakthrough blend, America’s finest rye is unified with France’s oldest spirits, including Armagnac from the rare and exquisite 1928 vintage, to capture the essence of an iconic era’s je ne sais quoi.

1928 is time in a bottle transporting us back through epochs of achievement, the party of the Roaring Twenties, triumph in WWII, the optimism of the Space Age, and hope for a brighter future than we can yet imagine. 1928 is a celebration of human potential, of our triumphs past and those to come. Together, all of us...

Ages of spirits in this expression:

  • 5 % over 50 years old (1928, 1941, 1962, 1973)
  • 30% over 30 years old
  • Average age of 15 years old

BHAKTA 1928 Rye Whiskey Tasting Notes:

Color: Golden orange
Aroma: Custard, caramel and vanilla
Palate: Oak, vanilla and spice
Finish: Lingering oak and mellow tannins
Rye whiskey blended with Armagnac and Calvados
Bottle size:
5- 50 years old
Oak finish:
Virgin French oak
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