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Prichards Distillery

Benjamin Prichard’s Fine Aged Rum (750mL)

Benjamin Prichard’s Fine Aged Rum (750mL)

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Prichard’s Fine Aged Rum is a historically accurate recreation of the Colonial rums produced over 200 years ago. We use the finest water in Tennessee and premium table grade molasses to create our rum, which is then aged at least five years in hand-made charred white oak casks. These barrels, provide the rich, full body flavor that is our famous Fine Aged Rum. While it is great for mixing, Prichard’s Fine Aged Rum can even be enjoyed straight up, or on the rocks.

Benjamin Prichard’s Fine Aged Rum Tasting Notes:

Aroma: immediate impression of hard-grain American oak with a slightly bitter smell that dissipates in scents of toffee and cream with hints of orange, apricot, cloves, and a back note of bananas.

Palate: extremely palatable and full-bodied, with a smooth, chewy texture, touches of cloves and cinnamon, though it’s not too sweet and it has a long dry finish.

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