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Prichards Distillery

Benjamin Prichard’s Double Chocolate Bourbon (750mL)

Benjamin Prichard’s Double Chocolate Bourbon (750mL)

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Benjamin Prichard’s Double Chocolate Bourbon is a very serious 90 Proof Bourbon. It begins with much of the sweetness common to bourbon, however, pure chocolate has a natural bitterness. To create our Double Chocolate Bourbon, we have attempted to balance the natural sweetness of the bourbon with the bitterness of the chocolate to produce a better-balanced bourbon, belying its 90-proof character.

Introducing the small quantity of chocolate into the finish process is intended to influence and augment that natural hint of chocolate found in good bourbons. A conscious effort is made however, to not over power the wonderful flavor of our bourbon but simply reinforce the natural chocolate flavor. In fact, Prichard's consider it a complement if those tasting their Double Chocolate Bourbon can find the flavor absent or faint. It may sound a bit strange but they like to say, “We don’t want our bourbon to taste like chocolate, but rather our chocolate to taste like bourbon.” Most important, it is not sweet!

Prichard’s Double Chocolate Bourbon Tasting Notes:

Aroma: The seductive fragrance of cocoa bean, dark chocolate compels one to taste this whiskey.

Palate: flavors of the corn and oak of the whiskey with a subtle taste of the cocoa bean on the back end.

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