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Asbach Freiheitsbrand 1989 30 Year Old Brandy (700mL)

Asbach Freiheitsbrand 1989 30 Year Old Brandy (700mL)

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In 1989 the whole world watched as a divided Germany was finally allowed to tear the old walls down – leading to the long yearned-for peaceful reunification of a separated nation. On the 9th of November 1989, after 28 years, the fall of the wall gave the German people the freedom they deserved and had been denied for far too long. 

In recoginition of this event, Asbach captures this monumenta moment in Germany’s history with the unique Asbach Freiheitsbrand (Freedom Brandy) -  A vintage brandy distilled in 1989, then matured in selected oak casks for 30 years.  The brandy embodies the exquisite pleasure of cherished freedom for this anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. 

The 1989 Vintage Asbach Freiheitsbrand is in very limited supply world-wide. This limited edition brandy was bottled at 41% abv, and is presented in a beautiful wooden gift box, together with an original piece of the Berlin Wall.

Asbach Freiheitsbrand 1989 Tasting Notes:

Color: Golden Topaz

Aroma: subtle elegant and spicy notes combines with notes of raisins and dried fruits with a fine fruity and vinous note, followed by a light smoky hint of oak

Palate: balanced notes of dried fruit and spice, followed by hints of leather, vanilla and cinnamon and slight undertones of oak

Finish: delightfully long lasting warmth with notes of spice


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