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Distillerie Warenghem

Armorik Breton Yeun Elez Single Cask French Single Malt Whisky (700mL)

Armorik Breton Yeun Elez Single Cask French Single Malt Whisky (700mL)

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Yeun Elez is a peated Breton Whisky, distilled from peated (50ppm) malted barley from Scotland. It has been distilled and matured to highlight its delicate, elegant and fruity peat.

The name Yeun Elez comes from an old peat bog located in the heart of the Armorique Natural Park, which is also home to many Breton legends, including that of Tadic Coz and Jobic, who rid the local towns of ghosts.

After the successful launch of their first peated whisky in 2020, Amerok Breton was excited to unveil their innovations in this whisky range.

The distinct peated distillate of Yeun Elez has been aged in a range of casks, all offering unique flavor characteristics.

This special instance of Yeun Elez is from single cask no.805, aged in STR barrels. Distilled in December 2018 and aged for 4 years, this is an innovation from whisky expert Jim Swan and a cooper combining old casks filled with Armorik single malt, which is then smoothed, toasted, and charred to instill a flavorful complexity of woody, spicy, and toasted notes.

Armorik Breton Yeun Elez Single Cask Tasting Notes:

Aroma: Powerful and complex. On the first nose, peat takes over with its medicinal flavors over camphor, cloves accompanied by spices. It then evolves towards more sweetness, honey and pastry cream. The traditional fruitiness of Yeun Elez is then illustrated with the banana flambé and the apricot jam.

Palate: The palate is ample, rich, mixing open fire and sweetness in an explosion of sweetness: honey candy, vanilla and tarte tatin.

Finish: A peppery note lifts the whole and makes the finish endless. The finish develops on grilled/smoked banana and wood fire.

Bottled at 53.1 abv in March 2023, it is limited to 234 bottles worldwide.


Single Malt
Bottle size:
Distillerie Warenghem
7 years old
Years in aging cask:
Years in finishing cask:
Mash bill:
100% Malted Barley
Oak finish:
Pineau des Charentes cask N°8163.
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