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Appalachian Gap Distillery

Appalachian Gap Essentials 4 Pack (750mL X 4)

Appalachian Gap Essentials 4 Pack (750mL X 4)

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This "Essentials" Pack Includes:

For people who love Appalachian Gap Distilling, or who want to try a variety of their exceptional spirits.  This sample pack includes:

Appalachian Gap Drumlin Champlain Valley Rye Whiskey:¬†Drumlin is made from one exceptional ingredient‚ÄĒrye sourced from the Champlain Valley. The rye is ground in-house at the country‚Äôs first Climate Neutral certified distillery before being fermented, distilled and barrel aged for at least three years on-site.

Appalachian Gap Mythic Gin:  A botanical gin that expressed the bounty of Vermont, enhanced with flavors that are rarely, if ever, used in gin. The base spirit for this gin is the same as is used for all of the distilleries' grain-based spirits -- 45% barley, 30% com, 25% rye -- distilled to a much higher proof to create a neutral base.

Balsam fir needles, and even Szechuan peppercorns (along with six other botanicals) are macerated with the traditional juniper berries, then redistilled with in the AppGaps small copper pot still to create an intensely flavored herbal experience with a beautiful nose and round mouthfee

Appalachian Gap Papilio Agave-Maple Spirit: The distillers at Appalachian Gap tasted a smokiness in Vermont’s own dark maple syrup that they thought would marry well with the smokinesses of agave spirits like tequila.  But rather than adding maple syrup to a base spirit, making something sweet, they fermented agave syrup and maple syrup together. Appalachian Gap imports organic blue agave nectar from Jalisco, Mexico, and mix it 4:1 with dark maple syrup. Three to four weeks of fermentation and double distillation through their hybrid still result in a spirit like no other in the world.

Appalachian Gap Ridgeline Vermont Whiskey : A rich whiskey, reminiscent of bourbon and irish whiskies, but with a character all its own. The distillery uses a mashbill of 45% barley, 30% com, and 25% rye. Double distilled, it is then aged in ex-bourbon barrels, new American oak barrels, and port wine barrels. The three different barrels creates three distinct whiskies, from which they prepare batches -- each slightly different -- based on the Master Distillers’ taste.

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