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Louisville Distilling Company

Angel's Envy Rum Cask Finished Rye Whiskey (750mL)

Angel's Envy Rum Cask Finished Rye Whiskey (750mL)

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As malcontents, the people at Louisville Distilling are particular about their whiskey. So when is came time to release a rye, there was no quesiton in their minds that it had to be something special if it was going be to live up to the standard established by their bourbon finished in port barrels.

The taste profile of rye was a perfect fit for a whiskey that would be rum cask finished. So after researching and sampling over 100 rums to find the right one with the best flavor profile to complement our rye whiskey, the decision was unanimous.

Angel’s Envy Rum Finished Rye is laid down for up to 18 months to finish in these Caribbean rum casks, creating an immensely complex whiskey. The layering of raw, spicy and earthy rye with the mellow sweetness of rum finishing creates an incomparably smooth and drinkable whiskey, even at 100 proof.

Angel’s Envy Rye Finished in Rum Barrels is genuinely unique and worthy of Master Distiller Lincoln Henderson’s legacy.

Angels Envy Rye Tasting Notes:

Appearance:  crystal clear quality with a rich, reddish amber color

Aroma: hints of citrus, caramel candy, maple sugar, vanilla oak, hazelnut, spice, and sherry wood

Palate: sweet rum sherry wood and soft oak

Finish: both sweet and dry, as well as quick and easy



Bottle size:
Louisville Distilling Company
Years in finishing cask:
Mash bill:
95% rye, 5% malted barley
Oak finish:
Rum Cask
United States
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