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Stillhouse Moonshine Mint Chip Whiskey

Stillhouse Moonshine Mint Chip Whiskey

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Stillhouse Moonshine Mint Chip Whiskey offers a bold and refreshing twist on traditional whiskey. Distilled in the heart of Tennessee, this spirit embodies the rich heritage of American moonshine craftsmanship. With a smooth and invigorating taste, it combines the cool essence of mint with the indulgent sweetness of chocolate chips, creating a truly unique flavor profile that tantalizes the palate.

Upon opening a bottle of Stillhouse Moonshine Mint Chip Whiskey, the senses are greeted by a delightful aroma that marries the freshness of mint with hints of cocoa. Each sip delivers a harmonious blend of flavors, with the mint providing a crisp, invigorating sensation, while the subtle sweetness of chocolate chips adds depth and complexity. This whiskey is crafted with the finest ingredients, ensuring a premium drinking experience with every glass.

Bottled at an optimal alcohol content of 34.5%, Stillhouse Moonshine Mint Chip Whiskey is perfect for sipping neat, on the rocks, or as the base for creative cocktails. Whether enjoyed as a standalone treat or incorporated into your favorite mixed drinks, this innovative spirit promises to elevate any drinking occasion with its distinctive flavor and smooth finish.

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