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Collection: Wood's High Mountain Distillery

Spirits infused with the essence of the mountains of Colorado

Brothers PT and Lee Wood        


Sometime in the 1990's, somewhere in a camp deep in the Grand Canyon during a 210-mile river trip through one of the most majestic places on earth, brothers PT and Lee Wood came up with the idea for making whiskey. At the time legal 'micro-distilling' in the US hadn't taken form so the idea stayed just that, until 2007 when the brothers began to put pen to paper to see what it would take to actually realize their dream.

As often happens, luck would intervene and through a friend of theirs in Salida they were introduced to "Ashley", their antique German pot still built around the 1880s.  She had been brought to the US in 1960 and sat for 50 years before they were kindly allowed to put her back into service.

After several years of gathering equipment, know-how and a search for a home, The Wood brothers landed in their present location, a former auto body shop in Historic Downtown Salida, Colorado. In November, 2012, just under a year after moving in, they began distilling their small-batch handcrafted spirits.

Wood’s High Mountain Distillery was founded with the goal of bringing the brothers’ passion for the outdoor adventures into spirits that shine with the essence of the mountains of Colorado. All the spirits sold by Woods High Mountain Distillery are distilled and bottled in small-batches in historic downtown Salida, Colorado.


         PT Wood enjoys the fruit of his labor