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Collection: Walsh Whiskey Distillery

Where Hope & History Rhyme

In 1999 Bernard and Rosemary Walsh created the Hot Irishman ltd company to blend and bottle the perfect Irish Coffee recipe. The inspiration came years earlier when Rosemary ran a ski chalet in France and treated all their guests to Irish Coffees after every evening meal. Making between 20 and 30 Irish Coffees a night was fun but was a lot of work. The Walsh’s thought there had to be a better way to make a consistently great Irish Coffee without the complexity and inefficiencies of the old way. It was here the Hot Irishman was born.

Inspired and on a mission, in 2001 Bernard & Rosemary Purchased Urglin Glebe, a beautiful regency home almost 200 years old. This was to be the Head Quarters of the Hot Irishman company for the coming 10 years. Set deep in the Carlow country side the heart of Irelands barley growing lands.


In 2005 The Irishman Irish Cream was first released, not just to rival the big Irish Cream brands but to take the recipe back to basics using only the best ingredients. Combining the 100% Irish Dairy Cream, the finest 100% premium Irish Whiskey with Natural Flavours of Vanilla and Toffee made this Irish owned and Irish produced high quality Irish Cream the ultimate in luxury Cream.


Loving what they were doing, but wanting to expand beyond their Irish Cream, in 2006 the Walsh’s signed a of long-term supply agreement with Irish Distillers for distilling and laying down of Irishman whiskey stock. A year later they launched The Irishman 70 (aka The Irishman Original Clan in the USA) and The Irishman Single Malt. The brands were an instant success as The Irishman quickly rolled out across Europe and USA.


In 2008 The Irishman Cask Strength 2008 limited edition with 1200 bottles was launched to great acclaim.  This was the first triple distilled Cask Strength Irish Whiskey released in over half a century.


This was followed by the creation of Writers Tears in 2009, a boutique brand that captured the attention of whiskey enthusiasts globally.  This was a brave move as it moves Irish Whiskey outside of its traditional base to something a little more edgy. Writers tears proved to be so poular that in 2011 Writers Tears a cask strength was released and received greatly. This was accompanied by another release of The Irishman Cask Strength this same year and in the same year, due to the expansion of the business, the company moved out of the Urglin Glebe some 2 miles down the road to Equity House, an office building which overlooks the lush Carlow countryside.