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Collection: Union Horse Distilling Co.

Handcrafted in Kansas City!

Union Horse Distilling Co. was established in 2010 and is family owned and operated. They focus on their strong passion for handcrafted and artisinal spirits. Their goal when they first started was, "to bring something new to Kansas City: bold, pure spirits handcrafted with conviction, distilled with tradition and delivered with devotion to a new and growing audience."

Union Horse is pround to be handcrafted in Kansas City! All of their grains and barrels are locally sourced. They also complete all milling and bottling at their own distillery. They see this sense of localtiy as a sign of respect and appreciation for the traditions of the craft distilling industry. Union Horse even has every bottle of their Reunion Straight Rye and Reserve Straight Bourbon hand numbered and signed by their Master Distiller & Co-Founder, Patrick Garcia.

"We hope you’ll taste our commitment to the craft in every sip!"