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Collection: Tamnavulin Distillery

The only distillery actually situated on the River Livet


Tamnavulin is the only distillery to be situated on the river Livet, even if the latter has given its name to lots of distilleries in that production area. Tamnavulin has produced its own malt with a "Saladin box”, and the buildings have partially been used for wool carding.

The Tamnavulin Distillery was established in 1966 by Tamnavulin-Glenlivet Distillery Co Ltd. which was part of Invergordon Distillers Ltd. The distillery was created in response to the demand by blenders for malt whisky. The name Tamnavulin means "mill on the hill" in Gaelic and it is the only distillery actually situated next to the River Livet. At one time, Tamnavulin was partially utilized for wool carding. Shepherds within the area collected from the flocks which were scattered throughout the hills.

Whyte & Mackay purchased Invergordon Distillers in 1993 for £382m. Unfortunately, a couple of years later in 1995 the Tamnavulin Distillery was mothballed. The distillery was reopened in 2007

The whisky produced at Tamnavulin contributes to Whyte & Mackay, Mackinlay and Crawfords blends.

The Whisky

Tamnavulin's principal single malt expressions include a 12 and a 22 year single malt Scotch. Part of whisky author Gordon Brown's description of Tamnavulin includes "...it shows considerable mellowness and contented balance. Faint oakyness and fresh-fruit, malty cleanness."