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Collection: Taconic Distillery

Spectacular Farm-to-Bottle Spirits in New York's Hudson Valley

The founders of Taconic Distillery, Gerald Valenti and Paul “PJ” Coughlin, are avid outdoorsmen, Dutchess County residents and bourbon aficionados who saw an opportunity to marry their interests in the establishment of Taconic Distillery.



Paul Coughlin. the founder and driving force behind Taconic Distillery, is an avid outdoorsman and bourbon aficionado. In 1964, the same year he was born, a resolution of the U.S. Congress recognized bourbon whiskey as “America’s Native Spirit.” So it’s only natural that Paul is also one of Taconic’s primary brand ambassadors.

With a passion for the outdoors and the desire to work the land, the Coughlin family purchased what is now known as Rolling Hills Farm in Stanfordville, NY. The Farm’s corn fields and natural spring water became the inspiration for Taconic Distillery’s entrance to Dutchess County’s local agribusiness market.


Gerald Valenti’s role as a co-founder of Taconic Distillery is a culmination of his studies in Engineering and a lifetime love of the science of food and beverage. Paul and Gerry’s interest in the outdoors and a simpler organic way of life was instrumental in forming a friendship that seeded the idea of Taconic Distillery.

A gentleman farmer, winemaker and forager, Gerry’s passion for the earth and the bounty it provides is instrumental in the selection of Hudson Valley grains utilized in their spirits.


Carol Ann Coughlin. Carol Ann is Taconic Distillery’s Chief Mixologist. When developing a recipe, she uses the tasting notes in the spirit as a jumping-off point and complements them with fresh, seasonal ingredients.  Fresh fruits, flavorful syrups and tasty infusions combine with our Bourbon or Rye to produce festive cocktails for every season.  Inventive, delicious cocktails bring her guests such pleasure that Carol Ann finds making drinks as much fun as drinking them!



Tapping into the farm-to-table and farm-to-bottle movement, Taconic Distillery’s spirits are all madue using locally harbest NY State grains and are cut with natural spring water from our own Rolling Hills Farm in the beautiful Hudson Valley.



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