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A true grain to glass craft distillery

Early in 2008, TAG Galyean – West Virginia native and entrepreneur– decided with John Little, his right-hand-man of several years, to turn their partnership and dual lifelong knack for can-do quality and high end spirits, into a synthesis of the two. A year and a half of study, investigation, late nights, apprenticeship, and appreciation followed until ground was broken in August of 2009 and the two of them launch the Smooth Ambler Spirits Distillery, a state-of-the-art, 5200 square foot stillhouse embedded in the rolling Appalachian hills of Greenbrier County, West Virginia. Handcrafted, true, small-batch spirits made to an exacting degree amid lush mountains known for seeing things get done by people committed to doing them the right way.

The distillery is located in Greenbrier County, West Virginia where there's a wide swath of downland limestone, a highland valley steeped in the tradition both of the brisk, tough work that forged it from the surrounding landscape, and the easy-going and relaxed pace of the namesake river that divides it in two. Once called Big Levels for its relative flatland appeal compared to the hills that border it, Greenbrier County boasts the clean air, pure mountain water and ideal climate for making a quality, native spirit; as well as the hardworking and friendly folks who for centuries have possessed both the skill to make a good drink, and the excellent taste and good fortune to want to enjoy one in the first place.


Smooth Ambler Spirits is a true grain to glass craft distillery. Using the finest whole American grains, milled on-site and carefully combined with the local mountain water the region is famous for, they craft thier products with quality in mind and passion taken deeply to heart. Thier bourbon whiskey, vodka, and gin are produced with talent and skill informed by hundreds of years of distilling excellence and are guided by the desire to acquire the purest and best ingredients, to do the best with them one slow step at a time, and shepherd the process from when the grain arrives at the back of their distillery to when the ice clinks in the well-deserved glass in front of you.

Smooth Ambler Spirits // Distillery Tour from Smooth Ambler Spirits on Vimeo.

Smooth Ambler Spirits, nestled in the high mountain valley of Greenbrier County, WV, is born of the combination of passion, hard work, and discerning taste, bringing you a series of classic distilled spirits of rare and exceptional quality.