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Collection: Peach Street Distillers

Fearless Craftsmen, Creative Perfectionists, Artisan Experimenters 

Peach Street Distillers is located in Palisade, Colorado, a secluded Mecca which also happens to be perfect for growing the finest fruits and grains on the planet. This translates well when you’re in the business of making the finest spirits: the bountiful environment allows the folks at Peach Street to focus on other things, like being creative perfectionists....artisan experimenters that toe the line, finding flavor profiles that would strike fear in the hearts of lesser distillers.

The Peach Street team are fearless craftsmen.  And while many distilleries these days are touting “craft quality” without the booze to back their claims, Peach Street delivers.  Only a mind that’s part artist, part mad scientist, and all optimistically naïve can get the eye-widening flavors and tongue-quivering tastes found in their special libations.

The Peach Street Distillery Team

Rory Donovan - Owner and Head Custodian. What do working on a boat in Hawaii and buying two-and-a-half donkeys and seven bales of hay for $100 have in common? They’re not the strangest part of Rory Donovan’s story. Consider for a minute that both of his parents’ parents eventually married each other, making Rory’s mom and dad step-siblings. Consider that he was admitted to Columbia but found his way to Parsons instead. Or consider that his first still was the product of retrofitting a keg and attaching a turkey fryer. Rory hashelped take Peach Street from back-of-a-truck to an award-winning distillery, doing everything from running the books to just getting the sinks running again.

Davy Lindig - Head Brewer Distiller Cook Guy. When Davy was asked to be the head distiller of Peach Street, he didn’t even like booze. Now, we realize that makes people scratch their heads. But you should know that Davy’s home beer brewing setup involves a 45-gallon system with 4 taps always on. And you should know that while he admits to just figuring it out as he goes, the guys at Ska Brewing Co think he’s the best home brewer in the state of Colorado. And that his great, great, great grandpa created Old Style.
The point is, Davy really just likes making stuff that can be consumed, and he’s pretty darn good at it. He spent a few years in Santa Fe mastering his cooking skills and worked at a fish cannery in Alaska. He makes his own vinegar and readily compares distilling to baking bread.

Moose Koons - Colorado Straight Shooter. When you really love a particular distillery, you tell your friends and family all about it. When you’re Moose Koons, you make it your life. Technically, Moose is the voice of Peach Street. The sales guy. But the fact is, Moose doesn’t so much sell the booze as profess his love for it. Whether it’s describing the 26 pounds of peaches used in each bottle of brandy or explaining eau de vie in more detail than Wikipedia could ever dream of, everything Moose does screams passion and enthusiasm. He’ll tell you that all he does is push the bottle and watch people fall in love, but we know better.
And in case you’re wondering about the name, Moose was a fat baby.