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Collection: Panther Distillery

Minnesota's First Craft Distillery


In 2011 Adrian Panther set out with a simple idea: bring great spirits to Minnesota. Adrian has always been an entrepreneur and a whiskey aficionado. He decided to team up with the most talented individual he knew to distill his spirits, Brett Grinager. Brett learned the art of distilling from some of the most well respected distillers in the United States and brings a level of experience, ingenuity and creativity that cannot be matched.

Founders Adrian & Pam Panther

Where They Are

They set up their distillery where they were–in the heart of pristine lake country in Osakis, Minnesota. All they’d ever need to make great tasting whiskey was right in our backyard. Everything there is exposed to all four seasons and our spirits are no exception. Cold aging is one phase their barrels go through every year and it is one characteristic that makes their spirits unique. In Minnesota they don't fear the cold, they embrace it and use it to their advantage.

The Equipment They Use

When it comes to distilling, the most precious metal is copper. Panther Distillery’s  three 500-gallon copper stills are American made and are the engine to the distillery. They use charred American White Oak barrels to age their spirits in because it's the highest quality possible.