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Collection: Manatawny Still Works

Quality Flows Through!

Manatawny Still Works is located in Pottstown, PA. The name comes from their desire to pay tribute to the area in which they are located, and appreciate it for its history and natural beauty. The name comes from the Lenape Indians name of a creek located near by. Manatawny means "the place we meet to drink." They strive to be a distiller of the highest quality with small-batch spirits handcrafted right on the same banks where the natives once drank.

Manatawny Still Works was created with the goal of making world class spirits with character in small batches. Their practices are based on old world production with a tribute to the history of the region. Manatawny offers various different products including: three types of whiskey, two types of rum, two types of gin and vodka. They are an award-winning distillery and proved that by winning 5 medals in 2016 from the American Craft Spirits Association: won silver medals for its Small Batch Rum Batch #03 and for whiskey for both its Small Batch Whiskey Batch #06 and Small Batch Whiskey Batch #07-Cask Strength. It won bronze medals for gin for Odd Fellows No. 214 and for whiskey for J. Potts Whiskey.

"The spirit of Manatawny is focused on quality, but rooted in the past."