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Collection: Laws Whiskey House

Craft over commodity.  Quality over quantity. Whiskey above all.™

AD Laws Distillery is centrally located in Denver Colorado in the historic Gates Neighborhood. It’s here where Al Douglas Laws, founder and creative visionalry behind Laws Whiskey House, takes an obsessive, hands-on approach to every aspect of whiskey production as he mills the grains, combines them and cooks them to create an incredibly complex sour mash.

Here the mash is open-air fermented for four days. They then distill it in a Vendome Copper Works custom made four plate pot/column still, and then it is aged in full sized American White Oak barrels, where it’s aged a minimum of two years.


AD Laws live by a few simple rules...call them their mantra: Craft over commodity.  Quality over quantity. Whiskey above all.™

If Laws had to add a fourth  it would be “There are no short cuts”. These principles appear on the walls of the distillery. They guide every decision that they make.

Distillery Owner Al Douglas Laws

First is their commitment to making a no compromise whiskey. Every step of production is carried out in-house. Starting with grain from family-owned Colorado Malting Company out of Alamosa, Colorado and corn from Briess Mallting in Chilton, Wisconsin, and using the traditional, and far more intensive method of open-air fermentation. The next step is aging the whiskey in 53 gallon charred American White Oak barrels which they source from Independent Stave Company in southern Missouri.

“There is no part of our process that is not thoughtfully curated by one of our passionate distillers. Making great whiskey is no mystery, it is all about having integrity, doing things right and honoring tradition. Finally, we utilize the most developed piece of technology we know of to determine the optimal release date of the batch: our own palates. The whiskey will tell us when it’s ready."