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Collection: Inchgower Distillery

Less than 1% makes its way into a bottle as a single malt



You’ll find the Inchgower Distillery situated near the mouth of the River Spey, proximate to the fishing village of Buckie and Cullen. It was founded in 1871 by Alexander Wilson, the nephew of the founder of the Tochineal Distillery, John Wilson. The distillery was originally built to replace Tochineal after it was closed due to shortage of water. The location of Inchgower near the Letter Burn and Aultmore springs assured it was supplied with plentiful water.

Considered a model distillery at the time, Alfred Barnard visited the Inchgower distillery in 1885 and remarked that the distillery "... is of handsome elevation… the buildings which are of stone and slate are erected in the form of an oblong quadrangle and cover nearly four acres of ground…. A modern work, and is fitted up with all the latest improvements of machinery and vessels.”

Nevertheless in 1903, Inchgower was liquidated. In the 1930s, it was purchased along with the family home at Arradoul House by the Buckie Town Council for £1000. In 1936, it was purchased by Arthur Bell & Sons Ltd. reputedly for £4000 which included the manager’s house and seven cottages. Guinness acquired Arthur Inchgower, Bell & Sons in 1985. Today the brand owner is Diageo.

The majority of output from Inchgower finds its way blended in to Bell's, Johnny Walker and White Horse whiskies. Just 1% of Inchgower is sold as single malt. Inchgower offers a malt of complex aroma and fruity, spicy taste with a hint of salt.

Bottles of Inchgower feature the distillery symbol of an Oyster Catcher, a bird that is an annual visitor to the area.