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Collection: Hewn Spirits

it's all about the wood...

After 25 years of restoring and converting early American barns into unique custom homes, and an 8-year spiritual odyssey into the restoration of an 80-year-old Alaskan wooden fishing boat, Hewn Spirits Founder and Master Distiller Sean Tracy became deeply passionate about historic things old and wooden. Objects deliberately and delicately crafted by hand from wood to serve basic and simple utilitarian functions, like harvesting and storing grains from the fields, or transporting the sea’s bounty to market… hand-hewn things.

Hewn Spirits Founder & Distiller Sean Tracy

That love of hewn objects, coupled with a small still he received from his crew of timber framers one Christmas, led Tracy down the path into the forbidden art of distillation. Inevitably his new-found fascination with distilling collided with his love of old wood and good whiskey and an idea was borne….Why not experiment and study the effects of various old, rare and even extinct woods on the aging process of different spirits?


With Hewn Spirits, he takes his love of old and reclaimed wood even further.


Distilled in small batches on a custom built copper pot still, and meticulously aged using a innovative combination of old and new techniques, Hewn Spirits celebrates a love of locally grown grains, the art of hand-crafted distilling, and the "spirit" of old, unique, and rare reclaimed woods. The result? Spirits with uncommon depth, smoothness, and complexity.


At Hewn, it's all about the wood...