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Grand Teton Distillery


Grand Teton Distillery began operations in late 2011 in Driggs, Idaho and currently produces multiple Gold medal winning vodkas. In addition to their vodkas, the Distillery also produces Double Gold medal winning Colter’s Run Bourbon, Catamount Whiskey, Gamekeeper Whiskey and malt whiskies.


Grand Teton Vodka is made from Idaho potatoes and pure glacier water from the Tetons. The vodka is distilled the equivalent of 20 times in small batches with every step carefully monitored. It is then freeze filtered six times through charcoal and garnet crystal to provide you the cleanest, softest and highest quality spirit possible.

Grand Teton Distillery prides itself in using local and regional ingredients, natural fruit and sustainable energy practices in creating their spirits. For them, today’s snow is tomorrow’s spirits...

Reducing their Environmental Impact:

  •     They source our raw materials locally and regionally.
  •     For cooling water, they have a buried tank holding 1000 gallons of water and they recirculate their cooling water rather than dumping it; saving thousands of gallons of water each year.
  •     Their deep well, charged by the snow melt from the Tetons, provides pristine mountain water for proofing their spirits. The water is filtered, but does not require chemical treatment.
  •     The residual mash from their fermenters and stills is given to local ranchers and farmers for animal feed and fertilizer so that the plant produces no waste.
  •     The low volatility alcohols that come off the stills first, called “heads” are collected and used as a bio-fuel and an ice melt.
  •     The distillery's south facing roof contains 42 solar panels which help defray their electric costs and are grid tied so that when they are not using the electricity produced, they feed the grid.
  •     Real fruit sourced in the northwest are used to flavor their flavored spirits rather than synthetic chemical flavorings.
  •     The location is a charging station for Tesla electric cars, listed on the Tesla web site for national travelers.