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Collection: Copper Fiddle Distillery

Names after a family heirloom violin made in Chicago in 1906

Andrew Macker and Jim Iverhouse took over Copper Fiddle Distillery in September of 2019. They have always had a simple goal: make the best booze possible with the best ingredients/process available in a venue that encapsulates hospitality and fun. Andrew has been in hospitality in Downtown Chicago since 2004. Running food and beverage venues as Cindy’s at the CAA, Maple and Ash, The Thompson Hotel, etc. Jim Iverhouse has been at the helm at Lake Zurich Tire (Goodyear) for the past 23 years. Jim was pivotal in the development of Copper Fiddle since day one. When the opportunity became available to keep Copper Fiddle going, Jim jumped at the opportunity and reached out to me to see what we could possibly do. The rest is history!!

The name Copper Fiddle: Copper Fiddle Distillery now uses a handmade copper pot to distil all their spirits. “Fiddle” was from a family heirloom violin made in Chicago in 1906.  The disillery sources their grains from the Midwest and uses equipment made in the U.S.A.  All of thier spirits are handmade; grain to bottle, at the distillery in Lake Zurich, IL.