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Collection: Colts Neck Stillhouse

Producers of MuckleyEye Spirits

Colts Neck StillHouse is located in the bucolic rural equestrian and farm town of Colts Neck New Jersey, in the shadow of the very first distillery in The United States – Lairds – where George Washington actually slept and traded his spirits with Laird’s.

Colts Neck Distillery Founder Geoff Karch

One of the East Coast’s premiere craft distilleries, the idea for their MuckleyEye brand of spirits goes back to founder Geoff Karch's childhood. His grandfather, George Sr., would bellow out in deep hearty tones the phrase “Holy MuckleyEye!” whenever something truly amazed him or gave him great pride or joy. This phrase essentially translated to a great sense of family pride that stuck with Karch his entire life – so much so that it forms the basis his brand.