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Collection: Cleveland Whiskey Distillery

The Home of Distruptive Technology


Tim Lix, founder and CEO of Cleveland Whiskey has developed a disruptive technology to dramatically accelerate the maturation and flavor development of distilled spirits. His process creates a flexible and scalable “just-in-time” manufacturing environment, and a better product. While their approach to making whiskey is, as he called is Radically Different. While manyin the industry call it sacrilege, all Tim really cares about is taste.


The distilleries’ core line, called Cleveland Underground Select, is created using truly transformative woods and innovative technology to create a line of revolutionary new flavors that push the boundaries of traditional whiskey. The current Cleveland Underground Select line includes bourbon whiskey finished with: Sugar Maple Wood, Apple Wood, Black Cherry Wood, Honey Locust Wood, and Hickory Wood.


Cleveland Whiskey is not your typical bourbon.