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Cerberus Craft Distillery Co-founders Matthew Allen and Brandon Marshall


The story of Cerberus Craft Distillery beginning is not one of destiny, but one of innovation and self-motivation. Co-founders Matthew Allen and Brandon Marshall, started the Cerberus Craft Distillery with the Dark Door Spirits Brand and one simple goal in mind: to create a damn good product. Marshall and Allen realized they had authentic ideas, and the ability, conviction and means to make those ideas a reality.

The Spirit of IPA was our first spirit to hit the market in the summer of 2016. Later, we soon found our niche which is creating unexpectedly delicious spirits for those who desire something outside the industry norms.

Dark Door Spirits Barrels


Since its beginning, the world of distilled spirits has often been restricted to the status quo, enforcing industry standards that were developed years ago. While Co-founders Matthew Allen and Brandon Marshall will never sacrifice excellence for the sake of something new, they will always continue to challenge themselves to find excellent new flavors that lead to a wonderfully, unexpected drinking experience.