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Collection: Brandywine Branch Distillers

A Destination Distillery™ in Chester County PA



Located on 8 open acres across the road from 130 acres of conserved farmland, and the Stonewall & French Creek golf courses, Brandywine Branch Distillery is housed within a restored century old stone barn along with a spectacular restaurant, Brandywine Branch Bistro, a tasting room and distillery on 2 levels. The barn has stood for over 100 years in a prime agricultural area of northern Chester County PA. Known for its horses, history, artistic community and rural beauty.

The distillery houses a small batch custom designed CARL copper pot stills that are both a work of art and a distiller’s dream tool. The 1000 liter wash swan neck and  750 liter spirit helmet alembic stills accompanied by a 6 plate copper column and a 1500 litre mash vessel can be viewed from the tasting room or visited more closely during distillery tours. Within the next year a third still combination will be added. Rounding out the main aspects of the process are four wooden hand built Douglas Fir fermentation tanks each with a 250 gallon capability.

Four more Hall Woolford wooden fermenters will be added within the next 2 years.

The distillery team is lead by Managing Director of Production and Master Blender Riannon Walsh. Her mission: Conceive, create, blend, bottle, start over. Never pass by a fruit, herb, flower or barrel without being inspired to greater spiritual heights.

As a professional nose and blender of private label and independently bottled Scotch and Irish whiskies for the last 25 years as well as founding & running the iconic Whiskies of the World Expos in San Francisco from 1999-2010, Riannon’s life in the arena of high end spirits has been one of varied and extensive experiences and success on both sides of the Pond. Her adventure with gin began in 2005 and has become a major passion. Being able to stop traveling and be a partner in a distillery where all products are of her own creation and all distillery production operation falls to her is a dream come true.

Joining Riannon in the mangement of the distillery are the Avellino Brothers, Don (President and CFO) and Scott (National Sales Director), and their distillers: Mike Higgins, Gabe Barnard and Jeanne Runkle

In addition to the bar & farm to table bistro they offer tours and tastings along with classes in distilling, nosing and cooking with fine spirits.