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Collection: Bellevoye Distillery

The Gem of French Distilling

Bellevoye bears the name of a road, the least traveled by, a path that one barely sees and that carries the promise of dawn, a destination shaped like a dream.

Jean and Alexandre designed this dream, placing their faith at the very heart of it, faith in the strength of their culture and country, France.

They have made this dream come true with a crazy and audacious bet. It was born from a will to create, innovate, and push the boundaries: producing a great French whisky, with all of our skills and know-how, our terroirs and our raw materials.

They have built this dream though strong values and the wish to establish a virtuous circle around their whisky, from suppliers to partners through retailers and customers.

Some stories are meant to be told, dreams must become true, otherwise they are doomed to remain no more than beautiful ideas .