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Bringing The Word Craft Distilled Bourbon at Barrel Strength


Many exceptional whiskeys never reach the discerning palates of those who would most appreciate them. Barrell’s mission is to find and curate the best barrels and batches of whiskey, wherever they may be. Left alone, this product would likely be forgotten or blended with other whiskeys, forfeiting its unique flavor and style. To preserve the singular characteristics of each batch, they bottle straight from the barrel. Nothing added, nothing removed, exactly as they first experienced it. They take pride in our small part of preserving and presenting new and unique whiskeys to the people who enjoy them most.

Unlike traditional distilleries, Barrel Craft is not tied to recreating a single recipe or style. Every barrel and every batch they bottle is different. Barrell thrives on and embraces this freedom. Unlike certain bottlers and blenders, Barrel Craft has no illusions as to our place in the industry. The unpredictability of barrel aging is something to celebrate, not stifle. They, in essence, provide the stage on which the whiskey may speak for itself.