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Collection: Albany Distilling Company

Located in the Capitol of the Empire State

The Albany Distilling Company was founded in early 2011 by co-owners John Curtin and Richard Sicari, and commenced operations in July of the following year. Their first product was whiskey, for which they started with a bourbon mash, releasing it first as a new make and eventually as a three-month-old bourbon.

  John Curtin

 Richard Sicari

Their next product was an un-aged rum inspired by the distillery's proximity to Albany's original 18th century distillery and followed a recipe from that era. Over the next several years, they expanded our offerings to include more whiskeys and a range of spirits including products created in collaboration with other small local businesses such as Nine Pin Ciderworks and Death Wish Coffee.   The distillery's our small but extremely talented staff are committed to making high-quality spirits one small batch at a time.