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Shady Knoll Orchards & Distillery is a small family owned and operated farm and craft distillery located in the historic Hudson River Valley of New York. Our handcrafted spirits reflect the unique terroir of our farm. 

Shady Knoll Distillery

Our apple orchard produces over 120 varieties of apples that we blend to create a truly unique Apple Brandy in the French Calvados style, which we then combine with fresh apple juice to create our truly unique Pommeau. 

Shady Knoll'a French alembic Charentais pot still

We do 100% of all processing, fermenting, distilling, barrel-aging and bottling ourselves.  We also are one of a few farm distilleries that are “New York State Grown & Certified.”  Check us out at www.shadyknolldistillery.com.